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Investing in C-Suite Excellence

Mindfully Leading the Next Generation

Diverse leadership

Echo Juliette believes...

Team leadership is undervalued.

C-Suite and Senior Managers are critical to setting and maintaining a high-performing, highly engaged, culture in their organization.

At Echo Juliette we believe that the leadership team should be invested in as a group, not just as individuals.

This benefits their personal success and fulfillment as well as creates an organization that delivers results in a high-functioning, human-centric manner.

Diverse leaders

Echo Juliette delivers...

Solutions custom designed for you.

Our practice is led by Elizabeth Sandler, a former COO with 25 years experience on high performing global teams, and an expert at delivering strategic results through leadership excellence.


As an authorized partner of The Five Behaviors®, the methodology based on Patrick Lencioni's best-selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, we are able to provide teams with a proven assessment-based approach to C-Suite personal and team development.


Our approach provides executives with an Everything DiSC® profile and shows them how it fits within their Team Culture profile.  We use these assessments to design a customized program for your leadership team. 

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Business Presentation

ECHO Performance Lab

Our ECHO Performance Lab provides CEOs and their executives with a proven process for creating a high-performance team. We identify and address the greatest opportunities to elevate performance as a leadership team.  Next, we provide facilitation of each clients' business strategy process while investing in the levers to advance their leadership team's performance.  

Finally, we ensure that the leadership agenda is cascaded and aligned with the needs of the broader organization. This is a crucial step towards improving retention, engagement, employee health & well-being and ultimately results. 

Culture, diversity, talent development, and employee communication are topics currently managed based on outdated paradigms.  We ensure the leadership team aligns with the needs and goals of the next generation in order to properly lead them. 


Brainstorming Session

Workforce Masterclasses

Today's workforce is connected through technology in a way that puts productivity and decision-making at risk. The commercial benefits of automation and digitization may come at the expense of increased stress and decreased focus. Echo Juliette provides the awareness and preemptive solutions that will minimize these risks.

People need support to adapt to the ever-increasing volume and speed of information. Via a well-curated series of Masterclasses grounded in research on psychology, neuroplasticity and mindfulness, your workforce will benefit from our engaging and practical content, thereby immediately increasing both fulfillment and engagement.    

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