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Mindfully Leading a New Generation

Diverse leadership

Echo Juliette believes...

Today is already tomorrow.

Mobile connectivity and social media have already saturated everyday life and mainstream business.

The next wave of business transformation will be unprecedented. Smart cities, wearables, artificial intelligence and robotics are growing exponentially. Although the rate of technological development continues to increase, people's ability to adapt does not.

Traditional approaches to leadership, ethics, communication and productivity will soon be obsolete. 

Tomorrow's success will come from investments made today.

Not just in technology, but in the people who use it. 

Diverse leaders

Echo Juliette delivers...

Solutions designed for the future.

Our Mindfitness Profile™ provides clients with a valuable starting point. Looking at the levers which can be most impactful on your workforce we present you with a range of solutions covering Leadership, Productivity and Physical Space.

We have a positive bias in our analysis and focus on leveraging the company's existing strengths, thereby increasing the ultimate return on investment.


Echo Juliette's is led by Elizabeth Sandler an experienced senior executive with 25 years of experience, but also includes team members 25 years old. We work together across generations to develop each client's customized solutions. Our methodology is rooted in traditional strategies but updated for tomorrow's workforce.

Diverse leadership


Culture, diversity, talent development and employee communication are people topics that are being managed based on outdated paradigms.  Many senior managers aren't digitally savvy or close enough to the needs and goals of the next generation to properly lead them.

Our approach to Executive Coaching provides CEOs and their management teams with the tools they need to optimize their own leadership as a foundation for performance growth.

Most importantly we make sure workplace investments aren't "soft" stand-alone programs but are fully integrated into core strategic business objectives.

Brainstorming Session


Today's workforce is connected through technology in a way that puts productivity and decision-making at risk. The commercial benefits of automation and digitization may come at the expense of increased stress and decreased focus. Echo Juliette provides the awareness and preemptive solutions that will minimize these risks.

People need support to adapt to the ever-increasing volume and speed of information. Via customized programs grounded in research on neuroplasticity and mindfulness, your workforce can experience measurable improvements in mental fitness thereby increasing happiness and performance.    

Office design

Physical Design

Work-from-home, hot-desking, trendy communal space and lifestyle enhancements are changing the way people choose to work.

Physical work space is a critical part of the formula for workplace optimization and is about much more than clean and comfortable interior design.

Our solutions range from small, impactful tweaks to entire office transformations, ensuring that your space contributes to your people investments. 

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